Empowering Entrepreneurs and Families: Louisville’s Vision for Progress Epic Awards Speech – Mayor Greenberg


In a recent address, Mayor Greenberg highlighted two significant initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth and supporting families in Louisville. These initiatives underscore the city’s commitment to creating a thriving environment for entrepreneurs while also addressing crucial challenges faced by families.

The first initiative, “Growing Louisville Together,” represents a bold step towards enhancing economic development in the city. Mayor Greenberg emphasized the importance of supporting entrepreneurs, particularly women and minorities, who often face barriers to accessing capital. Through this initiative, Louisville aims to provide resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses, ultimately contributing to the city’s economic vitality.

The second initiative addresses a pressing issue faced by many families: access to affordable childcare and early education. Mayor Greenberg announced the creation of “Thrive by Five Louisville,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to making universal pre-care a reality in the city. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to alleviate the financial burden on parents by offering free, quality pre-K education for four-year-olds. Additionally, Thrive by Five Louisville aims to improve compensation for early learning educators, recognizing their invaluable role in shaping the future generation.

These initiatives not only demonstrate Louisville’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth but also reflect its dedication to creating a supportive environment for families. By investing in initiatives like “Growing Louisville Together” and “Thrive by Five Louisville,” the city is laying the groundwork for long-term prosperity and social equity.

Mayor Greenberg extended an invitation to the community, urging collaboration and partnership to further these initiatives’ success. Louisville is poised to become a model city where entrepreneurs thrive, and families have access to the resources they need to succeed.

As we embark on this journey of progress and transformation, let us come together as a community to build a brighter future for all residents of Louisville. By working hand in hand, we can create an inclusive and prosperous city where opportunities abound for everyone.

Together, let’s make Louisville a place where entrepreneurship flourishes, families thrive, and dreams are within reach for all.