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Leadership Luncheon Series - February 11 in Louisville - "Are You Addicted to Perfect?"

February 11, 2020
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
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Big Spring Country Club
5901 Dutchmans Ln
Louisville, KY 40205

Vitale Buford is a speaker, iPEC-certified professional coach, and change agent who transforms organizations and individuals. Her experience includes working in marketing and business development for a variety of industries and professional service organizations. She is the author of the upcoming book, Addicted to Perfect. This book details her 10-year struggle with an Adderall addiction, that began as an aid in college to maintain excellent grades while working two jobs. At the height of her addiction she was a successful Marketing Director for a high-powered law firm taking 360mg a day, while the recommended daily allowance is 50mg. After two doctors found out about her addiction, her supply was cut off, and she was on the brink of going to jail. She admitted she had a problem and entered rehab.

Addicted to Perfect shares the highs and lows of Buford having been a slave to Adderall, the destructive relationships that ensued, and the way that she finally broke free. Perfectionism is no longer something that enslaves her, and Buford’s story is one of hope that no matter where you are in your life, you can release the grip of perfection.

Featured in The New York Times, Buford is an international speaker sharing her insight on the pressure put on professionals today, the danger that puts on our health, and how to survive and thrive.


One of the most important lessons Buford learned during her journey is that perfectionism was putting a ceiling on her life and dreams, and that you need to get intentionally aware and uncomfortable to create true and lasting change in your life. And that’s exactly what she teaches and inspires audiences to do in her keynote, “The Power of Imperfection.”

During this keynote audiences learn how to overcome their perfectionism through Awareness, Perspective and Action. These three steps involve identifying the perfection patterns that are holding you back, learning the mindset tools you need to shift out of your perfection, and then creating an environment to embrace imperfection and thrive.


Learn about the two types of perfectionism–slow and fast–and how it shows up in different areas of your life.

Learn how to identify the main perfection triggers and fears that are holding you back and HOW to move forward.

Recognize you have a choice to change and how to USE that choice.

Learn and define new ways to think, feel and ACT to overcome your perfectionism and create the life you desire – you will learn tangible mindset shifts you can apply in your everyday life.

Learn how to “lean in” to imperfection by creating an environment of self-compassion.


$35.00 Member Registration

$45.00 Non-Member Registration