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About NAWBO Kentucky

NAWBO Kentucky’s mission is to empower women by providing support, resources, and opportunities to propel women entrepreneurs into economic, social, and political spheres of power worldwide, at all stages of growth. It’s about women helping women, forming partnerships, and learning from each other.

NAWBO Grow was formed by NAWBO Kentucky as an answer to this call for action. Women often struggle at each stage in their businesses. Whether the business is “new-born”, “middle-aged”, or “silver”, there are different challenges to be addressed. NAWBO Grow addresses each of these stages and gives women the resources necessary to progress in a positive direction from one stage to the next.

NAWBO Kentucky and GROW

In 2015, NAWBO Kentucky launched the inaugural class of NAWBO Grow program as a response to the call to action to help women entrepreneurs form partnerships and learn from each other during all stages of business growth. Women often struggle at each stage of their business. NAWBO Grow is focused on businesses that are newly established or in the planning stage. It is a seven-month program April through October (see calendar) that focuses on a different strategic topic each month that is vital to business growth and systems. Attendance, homework, and mentorship (provided by a NAWBO member) are all necessary for course completion. The group meets once per month for a half-day workshop. Participants are accepted through an application and interview process. The participant fee includes a one year NAWBO Kentucky local membership and perks as a Local Member.


For more information on any of the programs or to apply, please contact Michelle Krebs, NAWBO Kentucky Professional Development Chair at [email protected] 


NAWBO Kentucky is currently looking for a facilitator for the 2021 GROW program.

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