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Nov 9

NAWBO Kentucky Symposium

Join us for the NAWBO Kentucky Symposium!

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Symposium Survey

NAWBO Kentucky is hosting its first state-wide Symposium in November 2017. This symposium will be open to any business owner or business professional.  Our mission is to provide education, tactical skills, and resources to women in business.

Through this 5 minute survey, we hope to gain insight and your input on resources and topics you would like to discuss and learn more about.  We know your time is valuable, so we appreciate any help you can provide.

How to hire employees and managers
How to obtain an advisory or director board
Creating a Strategic Plan for Growth
Succession planning, where do I begin
How to begin a merger or acquisition search and plan
How to create and revamp a business plan
How to seek certifications for my business
How to work with people from diverse backgrounds
How to react to and overcome issues women face in the work place
How to bring value to the workplace
How to market my business on a budget
Social media marketing
How to sell by unwrapping the story
How to think creatively to create a fresh campaign
How to market your involvement not just your knowledge
How to get loans with less than perfect credit
How to read a balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement
How to advocate and engage in public policy to help support women in business.