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Speakers Bureau

Do you need a speaker for your next event, seminar, or workshop? Please feel free to contact any of the NAWBO Kentucky Speakers Bureau Members. If you are interested in being a part of the NAWBO Kentucky Speakers Bureau, please contact Executive Director, Wendy Hall


Cathy Fyock,


Cathy Fyock, LLC

The Business Book Strategist




Speaking fee: Varies

Speaking topics:

• Writing Blogs, Articles, and Books to Boost Your Career/Business

• I Think I Can! I Think I Can! The Role of Self-Efficacy in Achieving Your Goals

• Hallelujah! An Anthem  for Purposeful Work 

Cathy Fyock is The Business Book Strategist, providing you with the intensive support you need to get your book DONE.  She is the author of seven published books and several forthcoming books, six workbooks, four e-learning modules, chapters in four books, website tool kits, as well as hundreds of articles, blog posts, white papers, and newsletters, and has mastered the art of getting a book on paper quickly, and then using her speaking and writing to generate revenue streams and create new business opportunities.  She leads her own consulting/coaching/speaking practice and has been a member of the National Speakers Association for more than 20 years.

Prior to this new direction, Cathy has been an Employment Strategist, combining her knowledge of work force issues and her talents as a speaker, consultant and author to inspire business leaders to attract and engage top talent and improve productivity in an aging and changing workplace.  She has worked as the leader of her own firm—Innovative Management Concepts—for more than 20 years, and has been a consultant with several national/regional consulting practices.

Cathy helps aspiring consultants through her webinars and coaching programs, and supports small business owners, consultants and speakers in leveraging speaking and writing to build their businesses through a variety of services, including her books, webinar programs, one-on-one and group coaching programs, and consulting.

A dynamic speaker and seminar leader, Cathy has provided over 200 national seminars for the Society for Human Resource Management, including presentations at more than 20 annual conferences. As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Cathy has demonstrated her dedication to excellence in speaking. Cathy has been a member of the National Speakers Association for more than 20 years.




Demetria Gilkey








Speaking Fee: Contact for fees 

About Demetria:

Demetria Gilkey is a Customer Experience Expert who partners with CEOs, business executives, and entrepreneurs who are losing clients and losing revenue. It’s financially exhausting to have to repair broken customer relationships but Demetria Gilkey provides proven methods to turn the customer experience around for businesses, large and small. 

After spending almost a decade in sales and customer service and becoming a business owner, Demetria knows what it takes to drive business growth by perfecting the overall customer experience. It’s about how you treat your guests from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Demetria works with several industries and has been asked to speak in front of reputable businesses and industry giants such as Paul Mitchell, Aveda Institute, many more. 

Demetria Gilkey is involved with the National Speakers Association and also holds the prestigious Bob Pike trainer certification and her articles have been featured in multiple outlets such as The International Spa Association and Sola Salon Studios. Demetria’s presentations are engaging, high-powered, and guaranteed to drive positive results within organizations. 

Demetria holds a degree in Business Marketing from Western Kentucky University and is known for exceeding benchmarks in any industry that she has worked in. She has traveled across the US, speaking to audiences of various sizes, providing her expertise to organizations from many industries. 

Speaking Topics:

Let's Stay Together ® An amazing team-building class that:  

  • bridges the gap between employees and management
  • creates a happier work environment
  • builds trust


Colorful Conversations ® An interactive presentation on how to:

  • handle difficult customers
  • determine when/if you should fire customers
  • handle bad reviews


Push It: Retail Sales 101 ® An informative but fun way to learn how to sell retail products to guests without feeling like a pushy salesperson. Participants will have:

  • increased confidence
  • increased sales 
  • increased income


Win With Your All Star Team ® A powerful presentation that helps participants to discover:

  • the role of leadership 
  • how to choose staff wisely 
  • how to establish boundaries with friends and family




S. Denise Jerome 

Michaelis Events, LLC




Speaking Fee: Contact for fees

Speaking Topics: 

• Innovation in the Workplace

• Blending Family in the Workplace

• Trials of Starting a New Business

• There is Always a Way to Make it Work...

Denise is the President of Michaelis Events, LLC. She founded the company, along with her husband of 30 years, in 1999. Together they developed the original business model and reinvented it over the years as business needs changed and other opportunities developed.

Denise’s career began as a Laboratory Technician and was quickly promoted to Laboratory Management. Her personnel skills and ability to implement standard procedures improved performance, personnel reliability, and departmental quality and efficiency. She has managed multiple Laboratory Departments, Information Management Systems, Sales Personnel, and Marketing.

The drive to entrepreneurism and the need to improve a family environment eventually took over and EuroMarket, LLC (a Specialty store with a Café) was born. Catering became popular and grew from small lunch orders to weddings and large special events. In 2014, the company was renamed to Michaelis Events, LLC and rebranded as an events company.

The continued growth of the company is a product of diversity, planning, structure, and innovation.  In 2014, additional lines of business were added to Michaelis Events. These businesses include Shea’s Event Design & Décor, The Dessert Boutique, and Venue Management.

Denise’s business and personnel experience is grounded in strong academics and personal trials. She  holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry. She is the current President of the NAWBO Kentucky Chapter. 



Kel McBride, MLS, CEOLS

End of Life, Death, & Dying Educator and Trainer
Clearly Depart, LLC

“The Lively Death Lady”




Speaking Fees: Contact for a mutually beneficial solution

Speaking Topics: Looking to offer a unique topic to your next meeting? Do you desire to be more comprehensive in your wellness programing? Or perhaps just looking for a little fun with a taboo topic? Clearly Depart offers delightful and engaging presentations, workshops and keynotes on a variety of death and dying topics that will get your participants talking and motivated to make changes in their lives. Custom presentations are available to suit your organization or business’s needs. Current offerings include:

  • Dying with Dignity: Autonomy and the End of Life
  • How to Dispose of the Body, Yours
  • Creating an Environmentally Friendly Death
  • Affordable End of Life Options
  • Individualized Funerals: How to Ensure Your Funeral Represents Your Uniqueness
  • An Ethical Departure: Values and Ethics in Your Death and Legacy
  • The Conversation: Talking with Friends and Family to Ensure Understanding of Your Wishes
  • Strategies for developing your descendant’s Instructions
  • Think it Over Before You’re Under: A Personal Death Attitude Assessment
  • Roots of American Death Practices
  • A Death Changing Experience (a comprehensive program)


Kel McBride, The Lively Death Lady

Kel McBride, enjoys working with clients of all ages from those who believe their death to be in the distant future to those who know it is likely closer than ever.  Contrary to assumptions about the topic, McBride believes in the value of working with younger clients as a younger person’s death is often more traumatic for those left behind and a well-documented end of life plan has even more value.

An experienced presenter, educator and trainer for over 20 years, McBride has presented in 7 countries and most of the US as well as enjoying the opportunity to be a TEDx speaker. With her background in health care (from a state wide non-profit to a large global company), connections with a variety of health, financial, legal, and death care industry professionals, and extensive training in adult learning and methodology she is the right person to bring “life” to the challenging topic of death. 




Amy Romines


Impact Sales Systems


Top Line Revenue- Growing A Profitable Business


Sales and Sales Management


LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/amyromines

(502) 589-2139

Speaking Fees: Varied

Speaking Topics:

  • Call it sales; call it business development; call it top line revenue … few things derail a business faster than missed forecasts or low margin work.
  • Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to hit sales forecasts or achieve goals – over and over, even though you have an incredible passion for what you do?  Do you have a sales team struggling to consistently hit sales forecasts?  Unsure of who your market is or what you are missing?
  • Top line growth in a company is the pavement in a growing company.  Whether it’s revenue growth, number or type of clients, or the margin built in when new customers are quoted.
  • Amy focuses on behaviors and not just techniques.  Her edu-taining speaking style delivers practical ideas to immediately put to work.
  • Her reputation as a top sales and sales management coach in this region. She focuses on the behaviors behind selling and growing company.  In fact, she contracts to a result with her clients to double sales production!  Now that’s success!

Looking for a specific topic related to revenue generation, sales or growth for your next event? Give Amy a call today at (502) 589-2139

Amy Romines, Founder and Chief Impact Office

In the past 25+ years Amy Romines has been on both sides of the sales challenge … struggling to figure out how to bring in new qualified customers and knowing how to do it very well!  So, when she works with business owners and their sales teams, she gets it.  The highs, the lows, the victories, and the losses … even the fears behind it all.

As Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Impact Sales Systems, Amy focuses on the behaviors behind the work.  Any conversation with Amy always refocuses on what we can control, not the prospect or anyone else.  In other words, control your behaviors and you control your results.  By contracting to a result, she and her firm commit to the work and expect their clients to do the same.